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What's your ROI for increasing learner engagement?  

  • Increased employee retention
  • Improved job performance from the learner
  • Higher employee satisfaction
    (Source:, 2021)

The Solution to Your Problems

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Jay Brian has years of experience in the L&D sector and truly understands the problems you and your organization face. When it comes to L&D there are often two primary pain points: maintaining learner engagement and proving the ROI to your organization.

In this ever-changing technological world, engaging your audience in your L&D courses is increasingly challenging. You have to keep on top of the trends and the tech, plus continuously improve how you deliver your content. It can seem like you’ll never keep up.

And, even once you’ve engaged your audience, and received ‘good reviews’, translating the worth of your courses can be even more difficult. How do you bring together all your data points to show the true value of what you do?

If you’ve been searching for a way to improve your learner engagement and how you deliver performance indicators to your organization, I’m happy to say, you’ve found it!

Jay Brian works closely with your organization to achieve results like you’ve never seen before. Through Jay’s programs, you’ll discover how you can improve your learner engagement and demonstrate your results in a way which makes sense to your organization. It’s about empowering not only your corporate trainers, but you, as a L&D professional, to have the tools to succeed in this changing world. Jay takes a holistic approach, understanding that each organization is different and has different needs. Jay provides training that is applicable across cultures, generations, backgrounds, roles, etc.

Find out how you can increase learner engagement and deliver a measurable ROI for your company.

Jay is a professionally certified corporate trainer and Learning and Development professional with almost 10 years of experience on the stage both virtually and in-person. He has experience teaching/training in nonprofit organizations, churches, and corporate organizations both nationally and internationally. Jay also holds a Virtual Facilitation Certification. 

Currently, Jay resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA with his wife, Breona, and his two children, Havana and JJ.

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Getting Engaged for Keeps: How to Improve and Maximize Learner Engagement for Better Retention (Learner Engagement Program)**

**Available Virtually Upon Request
Have you, or your corporate training team, found it hard to keep learners engaged during training? It’s no secret that engaging learners has become more difficult over the years, due to changes in technology, attention spans and dynamic media. But what if I told you there’s a solution? In this program you’ll not only learn how to increase learner engagement, but improve buy-in from your learners and classroom management skills. This course will help your trainers have peace of mind both in and outside the training room setting.

Find out why countless L&D teams are choosing Jay Brian.

Best audience: Corporate Trainer Conferences, Lunch & Learns, L&D Meetings, Professional Development Meetings, Corporate Town Halls, Corporate Team-building Conferences, Other venues as requested

Your audience will discover:

  • The four types of corporate trainers and how to maximize your training style for learner engagement
  • How to keep learners/employees engaged in the training content while providing a powerful experience which increases retention
  • How to masterfully handle class/training disruptions, unexpected changes, and awkward situations (and much more).

Introverts in the Workplace: How to Bring Out the Best in the Introverts You Know and Work With**

**Available Virtually Upon Request
Are you wondering how to manage the introverts on your team or in your company? Do you wish they would speak up more in team meetings, group projects, and other company activities? Do you wonder the best way to provide them evaluative feedback or work through an issue? This speech will discuss the best ways to not only manage introverts, but also how to increase their productivity as well as feelings of contribution and belonging to your team/your company.

Best audience: Corporate Conferences, Company Retreats, Business Conferences, Company Culture Conferences, Leadership Conferences, Business Leader Meetings, Lunch & Learns, Professional Development Meetings

Your audience will discover:

  • The reason why introvert productivity is suffering in today’s workplace culture.
  • How to consistently increase introvert productivity.
  • The reason main introverts don’t speak up at your team meetings/events (..and it’s not because they are shy)
  • How to provide feedback to an introverted employee

Marital Bliss: How to Overcome Marriage Problems (Marriage Program)**

**Available Virtually Upon Request
Are you married? Do you have a spouse that is super different from you? Do you sometimes feel as if you’re a pushover or that you just don’t speak up as much as you think you should? Are you supposed to be the “head of the household” and feel like you aren’t seen or acting as one? Do you feel as though your marriage has issues that you don’t know how to resolve? You’re not alone. These questions and more are asked by many who are married. This speech provides the answers and how-tos on how to overcome marriage problems, conflict resolution, communication tips, and more.

Best audience: Marriage Conferences, Marriage Retreats, Husband Retreats, Church Retreats, Church Conferences, Marriage Communication Conferences

Your audience will discover:

  • How “head of household” can be a negative thing unless certain steps are taken
  • The tried and true process to overcome ANY marriage issue
  • Why conflict resolution is much harder for some and how to manage it in your marriage
  • How to communicate with YOUR spouse in a way they like to be communicated with
  • Much, much more

Moving as One: How to Optimize Your Corporate Team for Maximum Performance (Corporate Team-Building Program)**

**Available Virtually Upon Request
Has your organization or your corporate team/department been working through projects together but you think even better results could be achieved? Have there been internal conflicts between team members or people in your organization? Do you wonder why some team members thrive and perform better under one set of circumstances while others may encounter difficulties? In this corporate team building speech, Jay discusses the solution to these problems and more.

Best audience: Corporate Conferences, Company Retreats, Business Conferences, Company Culture Conferences, Leadership Conferences, Business Leader Meetings, Lunch & Learns, Professional Development Meetings

Your audience will discover:

  • The four types of team members
  • The secret to instantaneous rapport between teammates
  • Corporate team-building ideas
  • What every team member needs to be able to maximize their performance

"Very engaging! Really powerful content..."

Kasha and Clemor, Founders of Connect Orlando

who Has Jay Helped?

I completely enjoyed this webinar. Now I have a better idea of what I should be doing. Thank you Jay!! -
- Sangita S.  
Counseling Psychologist.
You have really helped me with my engagement and my interpersonal communication with my learners
- Courtney G.
Corporate Trainer

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