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"Attendees LOVED the presentation.They took away so many nuggets and actionable steps"

- Joseph and Marissa,  Founders of  Forever Marriages

Did You Know...?

  • 57% of the world prefers introversion
  • Some common misunderstandings about introverts are:
  • They are all shy or antisocial 
    They make poor leaders
    They are depressed or sad all the time
    They are all nerds and/or bookworms
    They’re arrogant or aloof
  • 65% of senior executives said it was a liability for leaders to be introverted, and only 6% saw introversion as an advantage
  • 67% of introverts believe they are at a disadvantage in their business/career

Meet Jay Brian

Growing up, I never felt like I fit in. People would ask me to go places and socialize and I really just wanted to stay in and do my own thing. It just seemed like many things that other people wanted to do, I didn’t want to. This led to various issues such as being bullied endlessly, social problems, communication problems, workplace issues, and even addiction issues. I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t know how to change who I was. 

My senior year of high school was one of the first times I heard the word “introvert”. The day I heard about it and found out the definition, I knew that was what I was, but I now wondered how I could navigate the various issues that plagued me as a result of being an introvert in a society full of extroverts. I began to make it a personal mission of mine to find out how I could live my best life as an introvert. What made me different as an introvert when it came to marriage, work, addiction, socializing, making friends, managing money, problem-solving, and many other realms? What approaches did I need to take as an introvert to live that dream life? 

Through years of trial and error, challenges, counseling, coaching, books, and more, I found out the best ways for an introvert like myself to navigate the aforementioned areas and many more. 

One day, I noticed that many friends and family that had come to me and asked me for advice over the years were introverts and that I had begun to help them without realizing that I had actually found my tribe. 

That’s the reason that I have made it my personal mission to help 1,000,000 introverts live their best lives through my in-person/virtual keynote speaking, training, and products. 

I know from personal experience that navigating through the workplace or home life as an introvert, even leading or managing introverts on your team/in your company, can appear like a puzzle sometimes. Many are looking for the person who can help put the pieces together. This is why my biggest goal when presenting to your audience is to tell them the exact step-by-step processes that I have used to:

  • Increase my daily productivity as an introvert whether in a virtual or in-person environment
  • Complete various projects whether working alone or in a team environment 
  • Step into and navigate various leadership roles while staying true to my introversion
“Your Outside Needs What’s Inside”

Introverts in the Workplace: Bringing Out the Best in the Introverts You Work With

**Available Virtually Upon Request
Are you wondering how to manage the introverts on your team or in your company? Do you wish they would speak up more in team meetings, group projects, and other company activities? Do you wonder the best way to provide them evaluative feedback or work through an issue? This speech will discuss the best ways to not only manage introverts, but also how to increase their productivity as well as feelings of contribution and belonging to your team/your company.

Best audience: Productivity Conferences, Company Retreats, Business Conferences, Company Culture Conferences, Leadership Conferences, Business Leader Meetings

Your audience will discover:

  • The reason why introvert productivity is suffering in today’s workplace culture
  • How to consistently increase introvert productivity
  • The reason main introverts don’t speak up at your team meetings/events
  • How to improve company culture/team chemistry with introverted team members in mind
  • How to provide feedback to an introverted employee

Talk that Talk: Communication Best Practices for Leading a Team with Introverts

**Available Virtually Upon Request
Are you an introvert surrounded by extroverts and wondering how to best tell them that your needs? Do you have introverted employees that you would like to be able to communicate with on another level? Do you wonder how you can improve the communication between the introverts and the extroverts on your team? This speech covers all of this and more.

Best audience: Productivity Conferences, Company Retreats, Business Conferences, Business Retreats, Company Culture Conferences, Leadership Conferences, Business Leader Meetings

Your audience will discover:

  • The top reasons introverts are quiet in those meetings
  • The absolute best mediums to communicate with introverts.
  • The various communication needs of an introvert
  • How personality drastically affects the bottom line at your company.
  • Much, much more

Marital Bliss: How to Navigate Marriage as an Introvert

**Available Virtually Upon Request
Are you an introvert who is married? Do you have a spouse that is more outspoken than you? Do you sometimes feel as if you’re a pushover or that you just don’t speak up as much as you think you should? Are you supposed to be the “head of the household” and feel like you aren’t seen or acting as one?  You’re not alone. These questions and more are asked by many introverts who are married.  This speech provides the answers and how-tos if your audience contains introverts who are married or people who are married to an introvert.

Best audience: Marriage Conferences, Marriage Retreats, Husband Retreats, Church Retreats, Church Conferences, Marriage Communication Conferences

Your audience will discover:

  • How “head of household” can be a negative thing unless certain steps are taken
  • How to communicate better as an introvert in marriage
  • Why conflict resolution is much harder for an introvert and how to manage it in your marriage
  • How to assess the roles that each member of the marriage should play and why
  • Much, much more

What does Jay believe in?

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who Has Jay Helped?

My audience learned that the healing process after infidelity requires taking responsibility and being consistent with a plan. Jay also taught about the importance of understanding your spouses love languages and being intentional in making the marriage work.
- Ginika U.
Founder of Alliance for Marriage
Thanks bro! Couldn't have done this without you. 7 days today bro! Feeling focused, confident, and alert. I've identified triggers and can tell the awareness of them are making a huge difference.
- Joe R.
Married since 2013
In my marriage, I struggled with porn addiction and anxiety. There were countless nights where I would find myself indulging in bad behaviors. Jay was specifically helpful to open up and talk to my significant other about it. Before I listened to Jay, I didn't understand some of the basics a marriage needed to have. Jay taught me communication, mindset, and goal setting in my marriage.
- Jarred W.
Married since 2012


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